Behind Your Forehead

From the mind of Jared Kopf
  • Paying With Magazine Clippings
  • A Simple Game
  • Impromptu Graphology
  • The Tarot is Typically Tommyrot
  • Run, Luke! Run!
Impromptu Graphology provides a natural way to setup for a 4 or 5 person graphology or psychometry type routine. You simply pick up the business cards and hand them out. Any business cards will do.
Paying With Magazine Clippings is a convincing demonstration where you cause a group of people to believe that blank pieces of paper are actually money while the rest of the audience clearly sees they are blank pieces of paper.
Run, Luke! Run! is an interesting word prediction using two business cards and random choices by the audience.
Much more between the covers. Jarod’s explanations are thorough and clearly credited.
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