The Lens Workshop by Dan Strange

Learn my personal framework I use in all of my readings. You can use “The Lens” with any person and it will make sense. You can also use it to frame your readings for an entire group.

In addition to “The Lens” I will fully explain my personal symbol reading system that you can use anytime and anywhere. It also works for any size group or an individual. I have even done this over the phone with good results.

I will also share with you how you can use the symbol system as a covert cue during a Q&A performance. You can even use “The Lens” to frame a Q&A performance.

I will also share various resources that have been helpful to me over the years and explain what specifically I have drawn from each.

After all this we will open the lines and all of your questions will be answered. If you have been on calls I’ve arranged in the past you know we often have special guests and always branch off into areas that present themselves. I guarantee you will get full value for your money.

Think of this as an easy to learn and use tool kit you can apply to many situations.

The presentation will be a live video with all the details shared. We will record the presentation and make that available to everyone after the fact. The price will go up after the live presentation too.

So what do you get?

  • The full video recording of the live event
  • A resource guide with pointer to some further jumping off points
  • An mp3 recording of the follow up call

All in all it full system that you can quickly get up to speed on and use with individuals or groups. On the followup call I’ll be sharing a way to easily work this into your Q&A routine.

Isn’t it time you get a reading system you will actually use and not just something someone thought of but has probably never actually tried?

Only $69 for everything.

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Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop IV

The Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop has quickly become our most popular series of workshops. You get routines, tips, and approaches you can put to immediate use both in your performances and in your daily life.

Our fourth installment of the Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop was recorded live Monday March 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM Mountain Time.

Since we introduced the Propless Gaffless series there has been debate on the propless approach. What is interesting is most of the people debating do not even understand the definition of propless or gaffless that Dan and Jerome use. Once you understand that you see many possibilities. Even more important are the types of techniques that are excluded from the definition. The items excluded in these talks are the very methods that most who talk about propless use as their main focus. What are these techniques? Why do we avoid them? You will find out on the call.

What has happened in past workshops? Almost every workshop has had:

  • In depth information on topics you will not find elsewhere
  • Interactive discussion on how to apply what you will learn
  • Answers to your questions
  • Surprise guests
  • Group sharing – some gems have come from this

That is all well and good but what will be covered in this workshop? Great question!

One of Jerome’s more popular routines is Thought Channel. During the Workshop you will learn his Self Working Thought Channel. You can use this as a routine by itself or as a foolproof way to master the methods taught in the full Thought Channel routine. You will not only learn the routine but Jerome will discuss how to increase your impact as you perform. You can apply these ideas to the other routines you already know and perform.

The other major routine Jerome will cover is his Suggestive Touches. Imagine doing PK Touch completely impromptu and truly at a distance. You only need one spectator and they feel you touch them with their mind. Sound far out? It is! It is completely practical and you never need to touch the spectator – yet they still feel the touch.

That will be a lot to soak in as each routine has many facets to it. The remainder of the workshop will be branching off of these main routines into the subtle aspects and how they apply to other items.

Look at what you get:

  • Increasing Impact in everything you do
  • Self Working Thought Channel
  • Approaching PS the smart way
  • Advanced Linguistic Patterns and approaches
  • PK Touch – without any actual touching
  • How to build Deep Rapport during a routine
  • Risk Free Practice techniques
  • Four Approaches to Avoid with Propless Mentalism
  • The Truth about DR
  • And much more

I deliberately used some abbreviations above since this is searchable by Google. If you’ve been in mentalism anytime at all you should know what they mean. If you do not know what they stand for you will by the end of the workshop!

We plan to have a two hour workshop. We always plan for two hours. We never seem to be able to stop at two hours.

You get instant access to the recording of the Workshop.

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Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop III

Coming soon – Part III of our Propless Gaffless Metalism Workshop series. Everyone who has participated in this has  found inspiration and new ways to approach their current work.

The live workshop will take place within the next two weeks. As always if you preorder the workshop you save money. So secure your seat now even if you don’t think you can attend live. We always record these and supply the recording to everyone registered. As soon as we do the live workshop the price goes up.

What will be covering on this workshop?

  • Inducing Instant Amnesia in a Participant
  • TILT – something only a few have had access to till now
  • A reverse CMR drawing duplication. They do all the work and you get all the credit
  • New cold reading tactics for the expert psychic entertainer
  • Miscellaneous updates
  • Direct answers to your questions during the live call
  • and much, much more

If you have participated in a call before you know we cover a lot of ground and a lot of topics. All of this work interconnects with all the rest of the work. You will definitely receive plenty of useful information you can apply directly. Please note that you do not have to have attended the previous Propless Gaffless Workshops to get value from this one. But having and knowing the contents of the previous two will open many possibilities for you.

So reserve your spot now and save you a few dollars in the process. You will instantly receive the codes you need to join us live then once the actual date is nailed down it will be emailed to you. We expect to do the live workshop within the next ten days.

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Are you new to our Propless Gaffless Series? You can listen to a free preview where Jerome defines the terms and gives specifics on several topics including the big three approaches that are very popular but we try to avoid.

Click here to get the free Propless Gaffless Preview recording

Missed the first two Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshops? Get them here:

Click here now for Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop I

Click here now for Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop II

Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop II

Join Jerome Finley and Dan Strange for the Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop II. The live Workshop was recorded and you can get instant access to the full recording of the Workshop.

What will you discover in the Workshop?

  • Describe the ACTUAL thoughts and imagery in a person’s mind.
  • Create ILLUSIONS that LOOK and FEEL real on every level.
  • SEE and DESCRIBE various mental thoughts and images cascading through their minds.
  • See and describe the REAL images being thought of by your spectator in REAL TIME
  • Ideas you can use in any environment
  • How to frame thought reading
  • The importance of process and how to apply it
  • Increase the strength of each revelation
  • Implanting images into your spectators mind
  • How to get people to let their guard down
  • Force any mental image on your participant
  • Building rapport
  • 3 Guidelines to apply to your Propless Gaffless performances
  • Amping up the Magnetic Hands test
  • Creating the impression of mind control

If that was all it would be a great Workshop. Get instant access to the Workshop recording.

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But that isn’t all. In fact that just scratches the surface. Here is the rest:

  • Appear to manipulate the free will and physical actions of spectators
  • Become so in tune with your audience that their actions mirror yours
  • What to do with uncertain spectators
  • Entering into unconscious agreement with your spectators
  • Using many of these techniques as an induction
  • How you can demonstrate true “mind over matter”
  • How to insure success with your early demonstrations
  • Show the power our mind has over our body
  • Visibly demonstrate internal energy, vital life force, and the power of the mind
  • Maximum use of a pendulum
  • Whole body demonstration of the ideomotor response.
  • Circumvent any resistance or wariness
  • Amaze, Inspire, and Empower others
  • Different ways to define what you do
  • The best time and place for traditional hypnosis
  • Teaching your audience RELAXED FOCUSED AWARENESS

Whew. That is a lot of stuff. Plus you’ll know how to integrate and pick and choose between all of this for your personal performances. And if you have been on any of our other calls you know we cover many more things just in the course of covering the main topics. You know this material is the cream of the crop. Get started today.

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If you did not attend the first Workshop this Workshop will still make complete sense. If you did attend the first Workshop then you will find even more value.

Get instant access now!

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Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop

Welcome our next online workshop! The Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop will focus on techniques and mindsets you can use to build your toolkit. You will also learn how to integrate these skills into your existing performances.

Get a taste for what we covered in the Propless Gaffless Preview Call. It is absolutely free.

Click here to listen to the Propless Gaffless Preview Call

The live workshop ran a full three hours. You get a full recording of the entire workshop.

The price of the Workshop is only $69.

Behind Your Forehead

From the mind of Jared Kopf
  • Paying With Magazine Clippings
  • A Simple Game
  • Impromptu Graphology
  • The Tarot is Typically Tommyrot
  • Run, Luke! Run!
Impromptu Graphology provides a natural way to setup for a 4 or 5 person graphology or psychometry type routine. You simply pick up the business cards and hand them out. Any business cards will do.
Paying With Magazine Clippings is a convincing demonstration where you cause a group of people to believe that blank pieces of paper are actually money while the rest of the audience clearly sees they are blank pieces of paper.
Run, Luke! Run! is an interesting word prediction using two business cards and random choices by the audience.
Much more between the covers. Jarod’s explanations are thorough and clearly credited.
Only $35. Instant Delivery.
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