Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop II

Join Jerome Finley and Dan Strange for the Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop II. The live Workshop was recorded and you can get instant access to the full recording of the Workshop.

What will you discover in the Workshop?

  • Describe the ACTUAL thoughts and imagery in a person’s mind.
  • Create ILLUSIONS that LOOK and FEEL real on every level.
  • SEE and DESCRIBE various mental thoughts and images cascading through their minds.
  • See and describe the REAL images being thought of by your spectator in REAL TIME
  • Ideas you can use in any environment
  • How to frame thought reading
  • The importance of process and how to apply it
  • Increase the strength of each revelation
  • Implanting images into your spectators mind
  • How to get people to let their guard down
  • Force any mental image on your participant
  • Building rapport
  • 3 Guidelines to apply to your Propless Gaffless performances
  • Amping up the Magnetic Hands test
  • Creating the impression of mind control

If that was all it would be a great Workshop. Get instant access to the Workshop recording.

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But that isn’t all. In fact that just scratches the surface. Here is the rest:

  • Appear to manipulate the free will and physical actions of spectators
  • Become so in tune with your audience that their actions mirror yours
  • What to do with uncertain spectators
  • Entering into unconscious agreement with your spectators
  • Using many of these techniques as an induction
  • How you can demonstrate true “mind over matter”
  • How to insure success with your early demonstrations
  • Show the power our mind has over our body
  • Visibly demonstrate internal energy, vital life force, and the power of the mind
  • Maximum use of a pendulum
  • Whole body demonstration of the ideomotor response.
  • Circumvent any resistance or wariness
  • Amaze, Inspire, and Empower others
  • Different ways to define what you do
  • The best time and place for traditional hypnosis
  • Teaching your audience RELAXED FOCUSED AWARENESS

Whew. That is a lot of stuff. Plus you’ll know how to integrate and pick and choose between all of this for your personal performances. And if you have been on any of our other calls you know we cover many more things just in the course of covering the main topics. You know this material is the cream of the crop. Get started today.

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If you did not attend the first Workshop this Workshop will still make complete sense. If you did attend the first Workshop then you will find even more value.

Get instant access now!

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