Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop III

Coming soon – Part III of our Propless Gaffless Metalism Workshop series. Everyone who has participated in this has  found inspiration and new ways to approach their current work.

The live workshop will take place within the next two weeks. As always if you preorder the workshop you save money. So secure your seat now even if you don’t think you can attend live. We always record these and supply the recording to everyone registered. As soon as we do the live workshop the price goes up.

What will be covering on this workshop?

  • Inducing Instant Amnesia in a Participant
  • TILT – something only a few have had access to till now
  • A reverse CMR drawing duplication. They do all the work and you get all the credit
  • New cold reading tactics for the expert psychic entertainer
  • Miscellaneous updates
  • Direct answers to your questions during the live call
  • and much, much more

If you have participated in a call before you know we cover a lot of ground and a lot of topics. All of this work interconnects with all the rest of the work. You will definitely receive plenty of useful information you can apply directly. Please note that you do not have to have attended the previous Propless Gaffless Workshops to get value from this one. But having and knowing the contents of the previous two will open many possibilities for you.

So reserve your spot now and save you a few dollars in the process. You will instantly receive the codes you need to join us live then once the actual date is nailed down it will be emailed to you. We expect to do the live workshop within the next ten days.

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Are you new to our Propless Gaffless Series? You can listen to a free preview where Jerome defines the terms and gives specifics on several topics including the big three approaches that are very popular but we try to avoid.

Click here to get the free Propless Gaffless Preview recording

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