Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop IV

The Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop has quickly become our most popular series of workshops. You get routines, tips, and approaches you can put to immediate use both in your performances and in your daily life.

Our fourth installment of the Propless Gaffless Mentalism Workshop was recorded live Monday March 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM Mountain Time.

Since we introduced the Propless Gaffless series there has been debate on the propless approach. What is interesting is most of the people debating do not even understand the definition of propless or gaffless that Dan and Jerome use. Once you understand that you see many possibilities. Even more important are the types of techniques that are excluded from the definition. The items excluded in these talks are the very methods that most who talk about propless use as their main focus. What are these techniques? Why do we avoid them? You will find out on the call.

What has happened in past workshops? Almost every workshop has had:

  • In depth information on topics you will not find elsewhere
  • Interactive discussion on how to apply what you will learn
  • Answers to your questions
  • Surprise guests
  • Group sharing – some gems have come from this

That is all well and good but what will be covered in this workshop? Great question!

One of Jerome’s more popular routines is Thought Channel. During the Workshop you will learn his Self Working Thought Channel. You can use this as a routine by itself or as a foolproof way to master the methods taught in the full Thought Channel routine. You will not only learn the routine but Jerome will discuss how to increase your impact as you perform. You can apply these ideas to the other routines you already know and perform.

The other major routine Jerome will cover is his Suggestive Touches. Imagine doing PK Touch completely impromptu and truly at a distance. You only need one spectator and they feel you touch them with their mind. Sound far out? It is! It is completely practical and you never need to touch the spectator – yet they still feel the touch.

That will be a lot to soak in as each routine has many facets to it. The remainder of the workshop will be branching off of these main routines into the subtle aspects and how they apply to other items.

Look at what you get:

  • Increasing Impact in everything you do
  • Self Working Thought Channel
  • Approaching PS the smart way
  • Advanced Linguistic Patterns and approaches
  • PK Touch – without any actual touching
  • How to build Deep Rapport during a routine
  • Risk Free Practice techniques
  • Four Approaches to Avoid with Propless Mentalism
  • The Truth about DR
  • And much more

I deliberately used some abbreviations above since this is searchable by Google. If you’ve been in mentalism anytime at all you should know what they mean. If you do not know what they stand for you will by the end of the workshop!

We plan to have a two hour workshop. We always plan for two hours. We never seem to be able to stop at two hours.

You get instant access to the recording of the Workshop.

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